Blue Flowers Beach Puddle

Blue Flowers Beach Puddle


A true blue color bursting with big vintage-y flowers on with a sand-colored border. It's the perfect kids' beach pool for little groms to enjoy family beach days close by mom or dad. Coming in at only 2.5 lbs, it is lightweight, easy to throw into the stack of beach stuff you pack out to the sand, and it's cute! No baby can resist this open-ended way to play safely for hours on end.

Includes Beach Puddle kids beach pool + bucket-bag for easy storage and water filling.

The why:

  • Shorebreak and babies just don't mix
  • Cold water? The shallow pool warms up quickly
  • Hot and humid out? Your little will appreciate their own personal pool and you might too
  • Sitting in your chair and not chasing your toddler in the waves wins
  • Safe water + sand play 
  • A secondary place for kids who do love the waves but also appreciate their own little water zone next to their parent
  • Riptides, sea jellies, red tide; any number of random natural events that can make the water inhospitable for the day