kiddie pool beach toy kiddie pool beach toy
The compact beach kiddy pool Beach Puddle The compact beach kiddy pool Beach Puddle
Beach Puddle kiddie pool bucket-bag carrier Beach Puddle kiddie pool bucket-bag carrier
kids compact beach pool blanket aka the beach puddle kids compact beach pool blanket aka the beach puddle

Our mission is to make your family beach days better.

Beach Puddle is the compact and flexible kiddie pool that keeps your littles entertained for hours; providing your family tons of fun at the beach, lake or anywhere there is sand and water.

Meet the Bucket-Bag

One of the coolest features; use the bucket-bag to carry and store your Beach Puddle + fill your pool to whatever depth you want.

Durable and Fast Drying

Made to be beat up by little monsters.

Why do you need a Beach Puddle?

beach pool for kids
Keep your littles close

No shorebreak or riptides in the Beach Puddle. No sea jellies or rogue waves. Best of all, no sharks.

baby enjoying kids beach toy and their own kiddie beach pool
And keep them happy

Tired of refilling holes in the sand? We were too. The Beach Puddle provides long term open-ended play. It brings the water right to your little one.

Portable and Lightweight

At only 2.5 lbs, it's packable for travel and easy to bring down to the sand. Just throw the bucket-bag over your shoulder. What's another 2 pounds when you're a seasoned parent packmule?!

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Beach Puddle was a game changer for us! Every mom on the beach wants to know where to get one. I almost feel a little guilty sitting in my chair watching my son play while the other moms chase their kids around all day. Super easy to disassemble and very lightweight. Love love love!

Ricki W.

We had the privilege of using the Beach Puddle this last summer and it was a hit, to say the least. Every kid on the beach wanted to come jump in our private pool. It is fun for kids of all ages to sit in, splash in, and even rinse them off before you leave the beach. The beach puddle is the perfect addition to your beach gear!

Kayla M.

We love our Beach Puddle. Not only does it provide a little space for them to safely play, hang out, make up little games, etc- it also is a shallow pool so the water warms quickly! We live in Utah and most of the water we play in is very cold. My kids play better and longer with the Beach Puddle.

Krystal S.